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We will work with you to design the custom cabinets that you have always dreamed about.

Whether it be for business or personal, we will build you a custom sign that everyone will rave about.

We offer custom tables that will be sure to gain the attention of anyone that walks by.

The options are truly endless! If you can dream it up, we will do everything in our power to make it happen!



A collection of projects that we've worked on in the past


We love helping our customers build something they can be proud of!

Dark Wood


Hello folks.  We are the Pierce’s…Jean & Jerry.  We come to you all the way from Wisconsin via Missoula and Great Falls.  We have lived in MT for the past 40 years and up on the hi-line since 2009.  I have retired from the MT Air Nat’ Guard and Jean retired from K-Mart after 30 years.  We recently had an insurance business in Havre for the past 10+ years and sold that in 2019.  I have been known to do a little truck driving over the years and Jean has a knack for painting and finishing work.  During those years, we have managed to put together a few tools a shop that we can use year-round. 

As of last September, we have been free to roam about.  However, we are not ready to hit the rocking chair just yet and we are not big travelers so what are we going to do?  Answer….keep working albeit at our own pace.

Retirement to us meant taking on a new endeavor so going into the shop of our hobby on a more regular basis made a lot of sense.  We have the tools and some experience, and we wanted to put it to a little more productive use.  We strive to learn new things and techniques and are always open to being challenged to tackle new projects.  With the advent of the internet, areas of self-learning that were never available in the past suddenly are wide open.  New materials and concepts are being developed and incorporating them into projects has been fun to learn and do.

We are off the farm, so working is not really a problem for us.  We are woodworking junkies.  We have been doing our woodworking for over the past 50+ years and are self-taught in the art of making sawdust and what we did not turn into dust we nailed, glued and screwed together.  Sometimes we even had enough left over to put some stain or paint on.  Some folks could even identify what we have done.   The smell of fresh sawdust brings a smile to our hearts and minds.  What we have been doing over the years is making things for our home as well as the family.  On occasion, we have done work for others, but on a limited basis.  We enjoy taking raw wood materials and turning it into a piece of art. 

Prairie Custom Woodcrafters LLC has just recently started up as a new business in northern Montana.  We are located just north of Gildford, Mt.  We specialize in furniture, sign and cabinet design and building.  We have several programs to work with, so the possibilities are only limited by the imagination.  We have a computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling machine capable of handling a 4’ X 8’ sheet of material at a time.  This machine will allow us to create intricate tooling that can be duplicated over and over with the same results.  We are currently doing our work in wood products; however, we can do non-ferrous metal (brass, copper & aluminum), acrylic and foam materials as well.  If you have a need for these types of products, please feel free to contact us and we will see how we can handle that for you.  We are always continuing to upgrade our capabilities.  Recently we delved into the use of epoxy.  Our intention is to take live edge wood and do some table and clock creations.  We will be adding a 4th axis attachment to our machine so we can do turnings and full three-dimensional carvings.  Also, we are looking at installing a scan tool that will be able to capture an existing design electronically and then make it available to edit and recreate.  We have a molding machine that we plan to get up and running that will allow us to make many different styles of molding that can be custom designed or duplicate an old one you may have.  Laser etching will be another venue of service we will be looking at so stay tuned.

We look forward to providing a service that is not currently and readily available on the hi-line.  We will have an internet presence as well.  Feel free to call us or stop on to look around.  Thank you.

Dark Wood

Contact Us

We take pride in our work and are always looking for more opportunities to do what we love!!

Prairie Custom Woodcrafters, LLC

19987 RD 30N

Gildford, MT 59525


Phone: (406) 376-3307 
Cell: (406) 799-4580

Why PCW?

We have a passion for creating wooden masterpieces and it shows through in the work that we do for our clients. We won't let it leave our shop unless it is something we can be proud of!

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